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About Chicago

Chicago is the third biggest city regarding population in the United States, as well as one of the most visited cities in our country. The town itself has nearly 3 million residents, whereas the Chicago metropolitan area has about 10 million residents.

This beautiful city has a lot to offer. Aside from the iconic Lake Michigan and the beautiful scenery, Chicago is home to incredible skyscrapers – it can offer the nature, coastline and gorgeous parks (which take up 10% of the city area), but also the architecture, as well as museums and numerous art galleries. If you come to Chicago, you can try some of the staple foods and enjoy the city spirit. Also, the Windy City is famous for the hospitable residents and multiculturalism, therefore being home to all people, of all ethnicities. Not to forget the sports – the Chicagoans are very passionate about supporting the Chicago sports teams (such as Cubs, Sox, Bears, Blackhawks, etc.). All in all, this city is such an exciting place to visit and very attractive to many tourists. Enjoy visiting this jewel of the mid-west!

Long Distance Move – Chicago Area

Whether you’re moving just two blocks away or in a completely different neighborhood, every move is a big deal. A local move – whether it’s a residential one or you’re moving your office from one location to another – must be well prepared and organized in order to be executed in the fastest possible time. Our experienced moving team of Chicago movers will help you pack if necessary, or deliver the packing supplies. You can always count on the professional approach which suits your needs and is to your utmost satisfaction.

We always offer our services at reasonable pricing here at Chicago Long Distance Movers – STI Moving and Storage. Whether you need your personal belongings or the whole household to be transported, our movers will make sure to do it as quickly as possible and without damaging your precious property. Especially in the case of a corporate relocation, our team is aware of the fact that the move must not affect your business, so it has to be done efficiently and quickly. Office supplies have to be handled responsibly and professionally, and that is precisely what you will get from our best movers in Chicago.

Long Distance Moves Chicago

Long Distance Moves Shouldn’t Be Bothersome. Our team at Chicago Long Distance Movers – STI Moving and Storage is what you need in this type of move! Let’s say the last time you moved was decades ago, or this is your first time to have a big move, and it’s a long-distance one. You don’t know where to start, and you need help with everything – you have so much stuff to move from your house, including some antique furniture and fragile items. How to pack all of that? How much time do you need?

Out of all the long distance moving companies Chicago you should choose us because we can help you with every detail of your move – organization, transportation, and even packing. Every aspect of the moving process will be adjusted to suit your needs and to fit the estimated price. Our approach is always personalized to all our customers. Our team is always well organized to make the move go quick and seamless. Also, you can schedule your big move weeks or months ahead, so you don’t get any organizational issues. Our crew can do the packing for you or provide you with the useful packing advice, whatever suits you the best.

Make Your Move Go Smoothly – Call Us!

If you plan on moving, whether it’s a long-distance or local move, our team of Chicago Long Distance Movers – STI Moving and Storage would be your best choice. We guarantee to make your move go smoothly, whether it’s a residential or commercial matter. We have a team which will make your move go easily and comfortably for you. Our task is to help you start your life in a new neighborhood or office with a stress-free move. Our employees are all dependable and efficient. Contact our best movers in Chicago and move on without worries!

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Packing – Not A Pain In The Neck Anymore!

One of the most annoying things to do in the moving process has to be packing. It takes a lot of time and requires many boxes and packing supplies. If you are not experienced with packing at all and don’t know where to start, feel free to contact one of the best moving companies in Chicago for help – Chicago Long Distance Movers – STI Moving . Our staff can always provide you with the useful advice or even do the packing for you! You can get all the necessary things to pack from us, so feel free to order. There is a possibility to rent the packaging materials, as well. There are so many options to choose from!

For the fastest and smoothest move, contact our team of pros. We are quick, certified and affordable. Contact us now at (847) 675-1222 and let us handle your move!

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About Us

What we do for a living is making your move in the Chicago area (or further) go as smoothly as possible. As professionals in this business with more than a decade of experience, we will make things easy for you. When you search for ‘professional movers Chicago’ or ‘best movers Chicago,’ our name pops up. There are a few reasons for why we are the most recommended and trustworthy Chicago moving company.

Our customer support is impeccable – is this your first time to have a big move and you’re having difficulties to organize? With us at Chicago Long Distance Movers – STI Moving and Storage, you will get all the help you need. Guiding our clients through the whole moving process and making it go easy for them is what our staff will do.

The best team of movers – the so-called ‘first class movers Chicago’ is our team for sure. Have you ever wondered about the people who will be in charge of your stuff while moving them? We always have our own team of trained people who do it, as opposed to some other moving companies who hire day laborers. That way we can guarantee the safety of your stuff and no harm from damaging something.

Why is insurance important? – In the case of moving, your furniture and other belongings are valuable for you. You might move expensive furniture which needs extra care. Let’s say, if you need piano movers Chicago or something of that kind, you might want to have insurance. That is what we offer you in Chicago Long Distance Movers – STI Moving and Storage then you can be sure your things are safe, and your mind will be at ease.

Searching for the ‘affordable movers Chicago’? – Regardless of the type of move, you can count on our pricing to be competitive. Some moving companies charge a lot of money for long-distance moves or so, but you can rely on us to work in your favor – just check the estimate!

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